Shanti Shanti

Shanti Shanti: is the musical expression of sisters, Andrea and Sara. They chant authentic Sanskrit and Latin in beautiful, celestial arrangements that are awe-inspiring. Their amazing voices, singer-songwriter style and their renown Sanskrit chanting creates an otherworldly musical experience. They have worked with their father/producer, Robert Forman and with their brother Micah to create amazing harmonies for a powerful musical expression.

Andrea and Sara, at the age of 9 and 7, spontaneously were able to read, write, translate and chant the ancient language of Sanskrit. The phenomena eventually sparked the beginning of their music career.

Shanti Shanti has performed all of the United States, Canada and the U.K. They have been guests on Coast to Coast, The Tonight Show, appeared on numerous TV programs, radio shows and articles.

“Music is such an amazing way to express yourself. Your emotions and dreams can be presented in a way that we can all be apart of them. You get to share how you feel and you can be a part of other people’s experiences too. It is a way for the world to commune together.

“When we were kids we fell in love with the way that Sanskrit made us feel. That experience was so powerful and so life changing that we have sought to share it with others. When we first heard Sanskrit it was like getting to hear the sound of creation; the sound of the Divine. It heightened our senses and intensified our perception. It was like getting to be super human.

It is incredibly intimate, that through music, we get to share our dreams, concerns and desires, and also make available the sublime experience of Sanskrit chant.”