April 23, 2014

Good Friday Service

Our Dear Friends, The Good Friday Music Prayer Service was wonderful! It would be great if we could do more of these and in other cities. I directed the choir and there were solos from ... Read More »

April 23, 2014 0

Good Friday Music Prayer Service

On April 18th at Immaculate Conception Church we will be doing a Music Prayer Service for Good Friday. This event is candlelit  and is a beautiful, moving ecumenical music experience.  If you live in the ... Read More »

April 07, 2014 0

March 25, 2014

The Letters

There is a film that is coming out soon called The Letters about Mother Teresa. The trailer looks amazing!  We were flattered to be asked to contribute a couple of music clips and even more ... Read More »

March 25, 2014 0

Mainstream Meditation

I love watching the 6 o’clock news every night with Diane Sawyer and I was ecstatic to see them do a full-length news story on meditation. You know that meditation is becoming popular ... Read More »

March 14, 2014 0

The Lenten Season

As many of you know, we are practicing Catholics and the season of Lent is here. While I am used to hearing about it at church or dramatized in movies like Chacolat, it ... Read More »

March 11, 2014 1

The Olympics and The Now

Hello and Good Morning, While we certainly aren’t athletes, we really enjoy watching the Olympics for a multitude of reasons.  It is great to learn about the culture of the hosting country. I now ... Read More »

February 18, 2014 0

Writing Music

A good friend of mine always used to tell me, “first thought, best thought.” He was mostly talking about writing music. When he first said this many years ago I would be annoyed, ... Read More »

February 04, 2014

Time for it to Rain

It is time for some rain. While the eastern part of the US is having tons of weather the western part is not. It is so frightfully dry and balmy when it should ... Read More »

January 29, 2014

Baby Boomer Magazine

A cover story in a magazine is an awesome way to start out the New Year!! The local magazine Generation Boomer did a lovely article on Shanti Shanti. If you are in the Reno area, be ... Read More »

January 22, 2014