Music Performance June 10th at Reno Buddhist Center

Shanti Shanti Prayer & Celebration Service
for the Light of the World

On June 10th at 7 pm we are excited to offer an empowering evening of Music, Chanting and an offering of Prayers at the Reno Buddhist center. Come and enjoy Shanti Shanti’s wonderful sound and presentation of Music, Sanskrit chants and group chanting making for a very special evening.

Please click the link below to go to our event page for more details and to reserve your space at this special event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Reserve your space – Prayer and Celebration Service for the Light of the World

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  1. Dear Shanti Shanti,
    This isn’t a booking message but please continue to read. I knew you a long time ago; as a little girl. I’m all grown up now but I remember you. You were my idols as I was in a homeless shelter in Reno, Nevada with my mother. Your music was all I ever listened to on my boom box. Obviously, I don’t remember much. I was young and everything seems to blur. But I remember little bits of things about you guys. I remember you guys singing in a cafe and maybe a shelter were were moving around to? It is all blurry but for the longest time, I could remark your faces when I heard your music. Even after I was long out of Nevada, I still listened. Yet time has passed and many moves later, I can’t seem to find my CD’s. I just wanted you to know, you gave me hope as a little girl. There were many others that have in the past years but you were my hope in those hard times. Now I am going to college and I am paying for it all on my own. It’s a hard task but I couldn’t be happier to be a teacher one day and be the hope for other students who need it. I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for everything.

    Erin Nielsen

    P.S. Walkin’ With The Devas is still one of my favorites

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