Mainstream Meditation

I love watching the 6 o’clock news every night with Diane Sawyer and I was ecstatic to see them do a full-length news story on meditation. You know that meditation is becoming popular when it appears Diane Sawyer’s World News Tonight on ABC. This is wonderful. I am so glad that people are turning toward meditation to find peace and to find themselves. We all need meditation and we ALL need reminders about how important it is.

It didn’t escape me that they kept the report totally “spirituality free”. That is ok as it makes the message accessible to everyone.  Also, I just love Dr OZ and he spoke a lot about the benefits of meditation on this news piece. He practices TM too. 🙂

Overall I am excited to see these virtuous stories in the media. God knows that we need them.

Here is the report for you to check out for yourself.

 ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News

Andrea Meditating


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