Meditation Candles

Shanti Shanti is pleased to share with you profound audio experiences so you can find your own Shanti (Peace.)

These audio experiences are available for download now!

The following chants and meditations are inspired from the spiritual and religious practices from both East and West utilizing Sanskrit, Latin and English. There have been found to be incredible improvements in health and mental well-being by tapping into ancient wisdom, teachings and languages. It is our pleasure to share these audio experiences and music with you to help you bring about your own peace, happiness and well-being.

We use Sanskrit in a number of our chants and music selections. It is a 5,000 year old language from ancient India. It is a root language that gave rise to Greek, Latin and the Germanic Languages. It is also profoundly enlightening to listen to. It creates a tremendous amount of clarity and personal peace. Sara and Andrea are pronunciation experts and have been chanting Vedic and classical Sanskrit for over 20 years. Their precision makes a powerful and unique experience for the listener.

Please enjoy a short excerpt of our meditations below.  To purchase and download, click on the shopping cart next to the song name.

  1. Refuge uses an excerpt from Psalm 7 and the common Latin phrase, “grant us peace”. It transports you to the inner walls of a monastery and helps you surrender your fear, so that you may feel grounded in yourself and in God.
  2. O Salutaris is an old Gregorian hymn written by St.Thomas Aquinas for the Feast of Corpus Christi, beautifully performed by Shanti Shanti.