Narayana Suktam

Lately I have noticed that there are lots of ideas and visions of God are small and boxed in. The Sanskrit poetry and scriptures do a wonderful job of opening our mind and illustrating the magnitude of God. There is a line in the beautiful movie “The Life of Pi” were he contrasts the religions. He says something to the effect, that he learned about the immensity of God in Hinduism, and the compassion of God in Christianity.

I am drawn to the Catholic church because or the intimacy that I experience with the Divine, in that setting. However, I have been hearing so much small talk about God, that I felt compelled to use an ancient Sanskrit piece, translate it and do a video to remind us of the grandness of God.  It can’t be argued that Hinduism does an incredible job of illustrating this immensity. Vedic Sanskrit, if pronounced properly, does such an amazing job of bringing us to this profound place and remind us all of the much larger picture.

I hope you enjoy this video!

Andrea Santos

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  1. Your opening chant on the website played on the blog and overpowered the video’s audio. Is there a way to turn off the overlighting songs? And then turn them back on?

    I’m listening and viewing on an Android smart phone.


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