New CD!!

This is an awesome CD and we are getting lots of really good feedback. I think that it is the perfect blend of Vedic and singing Sanskrit. It is a great fit for creating clarity and good energy in your home or business. Please take a listen to the samples. It is now available on ITunes. Please click here.

Thank you and many blessings,


Shanti Shanti

The Enhance CD has the ancient healing properties of perfectly pronounced Sanskrit is incredible and would create a truly unique and powerful experience for your clients and students. Shanti Shanti is world renown for their PERFECT pronunciation which gives their music and recitations an incredible affect! 

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  1. Just downloaded your new CD. Thank you so much ladies for another uplifting series of songs and chants. I love your music so much and use it especially when I’m behind the wheel to calm my outer self to all the craziness the world constantly throws at us. Namaste dear ones. 🙂

  2. I received your first CD through a local library book sale. It was in the book, Shanti, Shanti, and once I had listened to the CD, I could not believe my good fortune! It is beautiful and mesmorizing! I’m just starting to read the book now, and I’m sure I’ll find it fascinating. Thank you for your contribution to the world, and thanks to your mother for telling your story. I look forward to reading it, and to listening to the CD many more times.

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