We had a couple of public appearance and it was great to be performing again. We so enjoyed getting out there and singing our hearts out. I am also glad to let life get quite again. Back to writing, producing and coming up with more things for our fans. I love the outward expression and I also love the quietude that is in contrast. From there I can focus and be creative.

You will love seeing the picture of Sara. She is so pregnant and very cute! She was struggling with where to put her hands. 🙂 I thought that was pretty funny.

We will be performing at different events after the New Year, after Sara has her baby and gets used to her new life. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our love of music and spirituality.

Many Blessings!

Andrea Santos

Shanti Shanti

Evolve Reno Pic 1

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  1. I’m very joyful that you’re out performing more these days. I would think that you’ll be much in demand as these festive holidays come upon us. So happy to know that others are enjoying what you have to offer. I know that Sara’s baby must also be loving all the music, songs and energy that is shared while performing. Its all got to be so nourishing for her and her baby. Play on….

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