Time for it to Rain

It is time for some rain. While the eastern part of the US is having tons of weather the western part is not. It is so frightfully dry and balmy when it should be blustery and wet. I love moody weather! Not just because it keeps us out of a drought, but because it provides great inspiration for music and writing. We haven’t even been able to delve into our winter wardrobe, and I have piles of winter recipes that are in need of a cold snowy evening. I know that California and the rest of the western states are in a panic over this. I would say that if you have never prayed before this would be a good practice topic. 🙂

I am seeing posts on facebook of people asking other to pray for rain, even if they don’t believe. At first I thought this was hypocritical, but now I see it as a way for those who don’t pray to practice, and start developing that relationship with the divine. The worst that could happen is you find some inner peace and we all get some decent winter weather. Just a thought… 🙂


Have a Blessed Day!!

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