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I know that this is an odd topic to blog about, but I must share my thoughts. There is a bunch of media on the issue of Vibram shoes and that they don’t live up to their advertised claims. They have settled huge a lawsuit. The media reports that the weird looking shoes don’t improve your posture, or help with body alignment, or help you be athletic as they were advertised to be able to do. I find this to be silly and frivolous. Here is a link to an article about the issue

The thing is…I love my Vibrams and have found that they have done all of the things that I thought they would. I am not an athletic person, but with these shoes, I walk, hike and even run. It took me about 4-6 months to condition myself to be able to use them.  They didn’t do these things instantly, but over the 3 years that I have had them, I feel great and am more athletic than I have ever been. (My sister has them too! And we look super funny when we wear them together 🙂

People should take responsibility for yourselves. If you bought the shoes and thought they were instantly going to fix all of your problems; that is your fault. We are too trigger happy when it comes to frivolous lawsuits. Be reasonable and move slowly and safely into the use of the Vibram shoes and they will be a great.

On a spiritual note, I bought them cause I thought that they would get me into running or more vigorous hiking and improve my posture. I thought they would help connect me to the earth. I would say that they have done these things. I love to feel the ground under me. I like the way I can run in them. It is not jarring like running in tennis shoes.

Anyway, I say, “just chill out”, and enjoy the things in your life,  and don’t expect one item to fix all your problems.

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Andrea's Vibram Shoes

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  1. I am amazed, in a refreshing way, to hear someone actually state that people should take responsibility for their actions and decisions. Well said. Of course, I also feel that it is bad if the manufacturer knew ahead of times that they were taking advantage of people’s trust, but all in all, you are so totally right that people want to file a lawsuit for any and every reason. Well said. Namaste

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